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Well you have clicked the link and now you find yourself on my blog, I am certain you are thinking about how lucky you are; that, or you have nothing better to do and you couldn’t find any good You-tube videos to kill time with. Now that you are here I suppose I should tell you a little bit about myself. First off you should know that I am not a chef and I have not been classically trained, so if that is what you are looking for I am sorry to disappoint. Second, this blog is not intended to overload you with fancy schmancy recipes filled with gold leaves and truffles, I am a soccer mom, wife, dog owner, full time employee and frankly don’t have time for that crap. So if any of that has offended you then you have landed in the wrong spot and I am sorry you have wasted your time.

If you’re still here, then welcome to a place where real women, can find real recipes. The majority of my life is spent on a teeter totter, trying to balance my life, my career and my family. If that wasn’t tough enough I am constantly fighting with my inner fat girl (appropriately dubbed Ms. Fanny) who would love nothing more that to devour every piece of pie, brownie, cheeseburger and french fry she could get her hands on. Thankfully, God gave me a tiny bit of will power and a husband that doesn’t mind his wife “thick”.

So, what am I doing here? That’s a fair question, and in all honesty, I don’t really know. As stated earlier I am not a trained chef nor have I had any writing classes since high school, which was over a decade ago. For all intents and purposes I am technically unqualified to even have this blog. But I have an overwhelming love of food and find therapy in spending time in my kitchen creating something delicious to share with everyone; and I think that resonates from my inner core. I can remember from an early age, my grandmother making eggs & rice (it’s a Filipino thing) with the cabinet mounted stereo tape deck playing the oldies just dancing around the kitchen. I find myself as an adult now doing the same thing only with an I-pod and a docking station playing Mary J. Blige or Rihanna. So while the times have changed I guess the maternal instinct to take care of people by feeding them is still going strong.

So grab a glass of wine and dig in!

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